feature film / March 2015

director / co-writer / producer / co-editor : Patrick Kennelly

written by: Sigrid Gilmer & Patrick Kennelly
produced by Leo Garcia & Patrick Kennelly
executive producer: Dennis Garcia

director of photography: Benjamin Conley
production designer: Liz Toonkel
costume designer: Amanda Wing Yee Lee

World Premiere: SXSW / International Premiere: Neuchâtel International Fantastic Film Festival
Feastivals: Fantasia International Film Festival, Fantasy Filmfest (Germany), L'Etrange (Paris, France), /slash (Vienna, Austria), FERTAUM (Mexico), Grimmfest (UK), Celluloid Screams (UK), Molins de Roi Horror Film Festival (Spain), RazorReel Fantastic Film Festival (Belgium), Boston Underground Film Festival, Arizona Underground Film Festival, Zinema Zombie Fest (Colombia), B-Movie, Underground, Trash Film Festival (The Netherlands), Transatlantyk International Film & Music Festival (Poland), FirstGlance Philadelphia (Jury Award - Best Actress: Bethany Orr), Spooky Empire Film Festival


"The most twisted movie at SXSW - and of the year" - The Daily Beast

"Some of the best acting I've ever seen in a horror movie..." - FrightDay

"Excess Flesh is nauseating, perceptive, and an altogether damning indictment of a hyper-consumerist society run amuck. It's a wildly imaginative cultural critique that recalls mid-eighties NYC filmmaker Nick Zedd’s infamous Cinema of Transgression and its accompanying manifesto...Comparisons to Polanski’s more paranoid moments (Repulsion) are not unwarranted, and the whole hallucinogenic affair vibes like a Richard Kern shoot gone terribly wrong." - Austin Chronicle

"Displeased and displeasing, repulsive and repugnant, Excess Flesh is consuming vitriol and spewing it back in our faces. Director Patrick Kennelly’s feature debut is stylish on a low budget, boasting a synth score from Jonathan Snipes (Room 237, Starry Eyes) and slick, slo-mo visual palette, which he then stuffs with graphic eating, and sadistic and self-destructive behavior. This is a film as informed by the veneer of Los Angeles as it is sickened by it; a layer cake of aggression, shame and madness. It’s pretty exhilarating." - Shock Till You Drop

"As a disillusioned, desensitized horror film critic, it takes a lot in a film to get a reaction from me. I’ve grown accustomed to watching a perfectly decent film, acknowledge what works in it and what does not, but to have no passionate or physical reaction. At last week’s Boston Underground Film Festival I had the pleasure of seeing Excess Flesh, and it reminded me that film can be exciting and ruthless. I had a knee-jerk reaction to it, and I loved it." - All Things Horror

"It’s a joy to watch a movie like Excess Flesh, being thrust into its gorgeous, grotesque void, and struggling to get our bearings and find a way out...There’s a lot to discuss about what society values as traditional and appropriate goals for women to achieve as well as how self-hatred is the most damaging kind. When everything eventually shifts into place then it all makes sense. That gut feeling you had bubbles up from the pit of your stomach and takes up residence in the back of your throat. Even after the movie ends, you can still taste it. Excess Flesh is a remarkable achievement that needs to be seen more than once to appreciate it fully. And it deserves to be seen by a lot of people." - Modern Horrors







Excess Flesh





Jonathan Snipes - "I Don't Race"

music video / October 2015

music by: Jonathan Snipes
lyrics by: Sigrid Gilmer, Patrick Kennelly, and Jonathan Snipes

director / editor : Patrick Kennelly

produced by: Leo Garcia & Patrick Kennelly
executive producer: Dennis Garcia

choreographer: Marina Magalhaes
director of photography: Benjamin Conley
production designer: Liz Toonkel
costume designer: Amanda Wing Yee Lee
hair & makeup: Jill Fogel

Premiere on Fangoria.


"AN EXCITING PIECE OF FILM PROMOTION ... Music video tie-ins to films were prevalent throughout much of the 90s, garnering frequent airplay on MTV and showing off a hard-to-ignore tune folks would find in the film once it was in theaters. In that tradition, Patrick Kennelly, the director of Excess Flesh, and the film’s composer Jonathan Snipes teamed up to create this excellent video for the track “I Don’t Race” featuring the film’s star Mary Loveless." - the ink and code

clipping. "Body & Blood"

music video / May 2014

designer / director / editor : Patrick Kennelly

produced by: Patrick Kennelly with Simona Kessler
director of photography: Trevor Baker

Premiering on Stereogum, "Body & Blood" has received numerous accolades from the
media, including being listed as one of Dazed's Music Videos of the Month.


"Patrick Kennelly is an artist to watch...an interesting sensory experiment reminiscent in some ways
of the work of Cattet / Forzani." - indie-eye REC

"one of the best videos of recent times" - HRUPmag

"If you're into some weird, out there ish that gets in your face and rattles your f**king cage, then you'll
probably agree with us that clipping. "Body & Blood" is a best music video." - BITCandy "Best New Video"

"Thanks to the brilliant Patrick Kennelly, clipping. now have a video that matches the brutal honesty
found on 'Blood & Body'. The director has taken the track's title and pushed it to the extreme - leaving
us with uncomfortable blasts of nudity, drills and disturbing reds. It's pretty intense. " - The 405

"weird and greasy and delightful in a consenting snuff just like grandma taught me way except all the
bodies in frame probably didn’t make a 70s payday but, whatever. Art is cheap and smut is free and
exceptionally paired with the wild dungeon lust of LA’s new avant hop wunderkinds...." - Pinpoint Music

"This was a weird week in the music-video universe, and that was a good thing. Many of this week’s
videos (including those that didn’t make it onto this list, like clipping.’s genuinely harrowing
“Body & Blood“) do strange things with the form, warping it and manipulating it but still finding
ways to complement their songs." - Stereogum

"literal and abstract...an aesthetic similar to Oliver Stone's Natural Born Killers...one sweaty malviaje
(ie. bad trip)." - VICE Noisey Mexico

"Patrick Kenelly directs the dark and very intense music video for "Body & Blood" from left-field
hip hop artist clipping. The split screen styled visual features a number of physically fit nude
performers in various states of distress, strain, or discomfort. Drug use, sexual fetishes, and torture
are also implied and contribute to the visual’s crude, raw, and unforgettably bold presentation."
- Fringe Music Fix


clipping. LIVE

concert documentary / April 2013

producer / director / editor : Patrick Kennelly

an U-N-M-A-R-K-E-D creation
captured February 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

associate producer: Simona Kessler
camera : Trevor Baker & Patrick Kennelly
additional camera: AJ Frydman, Nick Giggans-Hill, and Maxx Grummer

"The Patrick Kennelly-directed video looks like it was ripped from a moldy VHS tape scooped up at
your neighborhood flea market. In other words, it’s brilliantly edited and matches the vibe of (Clipping.'s)
Midcity (album) perfectly." - Potholes in My Blog

"In the new nearly twenty-five minute long film, director Patrick Kennelly showcases clipping.'s ability to
seamlessly intertwine abrasive noisemaking and Diggs' effortlessly flowing rhymes, all through a sheen of
visible static and jumpy cuts. Kennelly is also successful in capturing the aesthetic of clipping.'s jarring beats.
The film is reminiscent of Midcity's swirling album art: swirling and chaotic, yet contained. And like the album
art, the black and white film speaks to the dual nature of the music, a simple and effective combination of noise
and rhymes." - Ad Hoc















Maxi Wild - "Sudden Death"

Music Video / March 2013

concept / direction / editing : Patrick Kennelly
cinematography / camera operator : Benjamin Conley
"Sudden Death"
written, produced, and performed by Maxi Wild
production & mixing : Jonathan Snipes
starring Michelle Duncan & Duke Davis Roberts
with MAXI WILD (Sean Gone, Dan Kujat, Maxi Wild)
and Arden Banks. David Humphreys, Tommy Morison Jr., Angela Robbins
featuring Alina Abramovich, Mondrian Alvez, Nikki Bohm, Penny Burgess, Alex Diehl, Sofia Domingues, Noe Espinoza, Julien Fortis, Chelsey Rae Holland, Noelle Holland, Sarah Marie Leone, Ina Lereine, Ness Magana, David Mandell, Valentina Matosian, Kelsey Milano, Maggie Nolting, Natalie Pellegrini, Maria Roman, Dave Shabaz, Gillian Taugher, Mercedes Victoria
produced by Ed Cha & Patrick Kennelly / associate producer : Simon Kessler /
fight choreography : Daniel Lue / makeup : Genevieve Garner
styling : Stephanie Brown / hair & styling for Maxi Wild : Sonia Oleniak
graphic design : Jonathan Garda / 1st AD : Rob R. Yoo / Gaffer : Ravi Gahunia / 2nd AC : Jesse Eagle / Production Assistance : Jonathan Garda, Luna White, and Lucy Zepeda
Digital Color Timing : Joel Ides / Sound Design & Editing : Owen Granich-Young / Sound Mixing : Andrew Hay / Special Thanks: Highways Performance Space (Artistic Director, Leo Garcia), Jimmy Williams Cop Prop Shop



ten minutes is two hours : Voyages Dans جنوب السودان

short-form documentary / January 2013

This short-form documentary video shot in South Sudan, is both a work of and a commentary upon cultural exploitation. It is a self-consciously “cinematic” recreation of a journey through a land plagued by the ghosts of colonialism and the present anxiety of conflicting religious and political agendas - both of which can often seem one and the same. Evoking a surreal sense of place, both very present and very distant, the video depicts the hazy lines between notions of “foreign aid” “missionary practice” and “colonialism,” and shows the ways history has of recycling itself. The essayistic, experimental nature of the work is inspired by the politically charged silent-era montage of Dovzhenko, Vertov, and Eisenstein and the later impressionistic film and video works of Marker and Godard.

presented by
Walking to the Moon Productions in assoication with Highways, Inc & U-N-M-A-R-K-E-D

edited, written and directed by: Patrick Kennelly
executive producer: Dennis Garcia
producer: Leo Garcia
photography: Trevor Baker and Patrick Kennelly
sound and music: William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes

post-production sound mixer: Andrew Hay / music mixer: Steve Kaplan / score preparation: John W. Snyder /
cello: Jessica Catron / additional color timing: Joel Ides / admin for Highways, Inc.: Lucy Zepeda


ten minutes is two hours



PATTY - "Colors"

Music Video / April 2012

from PATTY: The Revival, track released 26 April 2012

music: Jonathan Snipes
lyrics: Kristin Erickson, Patrick Kennelly, Jonathan Snipes
voices: Heather Cadarette, Blythe Evans, Elaine Hammell, Elizabeth Hayhurst,
Stephanie Tucker, Justine Woodford
mix: Steve Kaplan

Produced, Directed and Edited by Patrick Kennelly
Starring (in order of appearance): Zoe Aja Moore, Biz Lyon, Elizabeth Hayhurst, Blythe Evans, Elaine Hammel, Jasmine Orpilla, Chelsey Holland, Justine Woodford, Radick Cembryznski, Maya Gingery, Stephanie Tucker, Heather Cadarette, Rachel Hirshee, Verity Branco, Amber Morse and Nikki Bohm
Cinematography by Trevor Baker
Costumes/Styling: Pilar Macchione
Hair & Makeup: Jennifer Kolhagen with Genevieve Garner
Choreography: Jmy James Kidd
Production Guru: Ed Cha / 1st AD: Crystal Munson / 2nd AD: Zack Moore
Rob Yoo Department: Rob Yoo / Production Assistance: Jen Bloom

Compositing: Lawrence Klein / Leonard Menchiari
Backgrounds: Patrick Kennelly / Lawrence Klein / Leonard Menchiari
Sound Design: Jonathan Snipes



LA County Arts Internship: Impactful Mentorship - "Daveion"

PSA / May 2014

written & directed by: Patrick Kennelly
produced by: Leo Garcia
cinematographer: Benjamin Conley
music: Moby

PATTY commercial
"PMS Security"

April 2012

starring: Nikki Beverly Bohm

written by: Sigrid Gilmer
directed & edited by: Patrick Kennelly
cinematography by: Trevor Baker
styling by: Pilar Macchione
music by: Wes Medina
sound design & editing: Jonathan Snipes

produced by Kennelly & Mean Panda
shot @ Highways Performance Space

PATTY commercial

April 2012

Emma Hawley as Gingham
Chelsey Rae Holland as Salamander

direction / post-production: Patrick Kennelly
written by: Sigrid Gilmer
cinematography: Trevor Baker
music: Jonathan Snipes / Wes Medina
sound editing: Jonathan Snipes

produced by Kennelly & Mean Panda

shot @ Highways Performance Space









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"Mobb 2 It"

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Leo Garcia's
"Leo Garcia is Dead"

Projection Design / Creation

University of Redlands
January 2012

Zoe Aja Moore & Co.'s
"Looking for Lovborg"

Projection Design / Creation

Redcat Fall Studio
November 2011



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Captain Ahab
"Girls Gone Wild"
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Patrick Kennelly

Patrick Kennelly

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"Saltine Crackers"


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"It Goes Away"
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