written + performed by Paul Outlaw
directed by Patrick Kennelly

original music + sound design by
Jonathan Snipes & William Hutson

lighting design by Francois-Pierre Couture

1855: Perry Cooper, a world-renowned abolitionist orator, finds his life irrevocably altered by an encounter with his slave past ... and the supernatural.

"Porphyrion's Revenge" is the first act of The Late Late Show, a new monodrama that concludes Paul Outlaw's trilogy exploring race, sexuality, violence and their interconnected roles in American history.

The first two plays of the trilogy feature "real people," living and deceased; their texts consist mainly of first-person, "documentary" material from interviews, diaries, letters, audio and videotapes. The text of this final installment of the trilogy is original and features exclusively fictional characters. Its supernatural narrative will span several centuries and showcase a different musical genre in each of its three acts.

Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA) - February 2010
performed as part of Flesh and Blood X 2

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