PATTY: The Revival

A PoP! Musical EVENT! A Religious Revival!! An E! True Hollywood Fashion
Tragedy mined from the redemptive, sorted, exploited, and mythic histories
of Patty Duke and Patty Hearst!!!

Nominated for 5 L.A. Weekly Theater Awards, including BEST MUSICAL!
for complete list of nominations -


conceived, produced & directed by Patrick Kennelly
executed by U-N-M-A-R-K-E-D
co-produced and presented by Highways Performance Space

music Jonathan Snipes with Kristin "Kevin Blechdom" Erickson
book Sigrid Gilmer + Patrick Kennelly

lyrics Daveed Diggs / Kristin Erickson / Sigrid Gilmer / Patrick Kennelly / Jonathan Snipes
additional music Wes Medina / Nero's Day at Disneyland / John W. Snyder
sound design Jonathan Snipes
production sound mixer David Crawford
pre-recorded music mixer Steve Kaplan
pre-recorded guitars Justin Asher

choreography Marina Magalhães
scenic design Lianne Arnold
fashion designer Pilar Macchione
lighting design Rachel Levy
technical director / production manager Ed Cha

video design Lianne Arnold / Patrick Kennelly
additional video content Rodney Ascher / Cristina Bercovitz
cinematography Trevor Baker
graphic design Marie Fromont / Kake Geck

website design Adam Bech Harms

cast Verity Branco / Nikki Bohm / Heather Cadarette / Blythe Evans / Maya Gingery / Elaine Hammel / Emma Hawley / Elizabeth Hayhurst / Chelsey Rae Holland / Devin Holliman / Amber Morse / Jasmine Orpilla / Pamela Stark / Stephanie Tucker / Justine Woodford

PATTY - Icon. Diva. Saint - she is all of these things, some say she is Everything.
But who is the Real PATTY? Is she a “Liar,” “Fraud,” “Puppet,” and “Cult Leader”
as the certain blogs have recently attested?

All will be revealed in her final Live performance!

Join her congregation as they fight once and for all to Destroy the System
and FREE themselves from the “ideals” which work to enslave them!


PATTY is a one-of-a-kind 360 experience that encompasses a live
Pop! Music event, original album, online interface, clothing line and more!!!

May 18-20 & 23-26, 2012

Highways Performance Space
@ 18th St. Arts Center
1651 18th St.
Santa Monica, CA 90404

opening music acts for the run included: Actually Huizenga, Bai Ling, Kevin Blechdom and the M.T. Brain, BLOK, Wet Mango, IE, and Maxi Wild!

PATTY: The Revival

PATTY: The Revival




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