Sex, Celebrity, and Dirty Bombs

Comprised of painting, drawing, photography, video, and sound, L/A/O/C criss-crosses the social, political, and moral Highways overpass of religious fervor as embodied in the SoCal soul: wealth, possession, the cult of celebrity, etc.  As it slows to gawk at the sprawl of this wreckage, a dark mirror is revealed of the ways grandiose schematics of fundamentalism ultimately come crashing down to a personal, tortured moment – “the fall.”  Thus a blasted terrain of the American myth is revealed in all its B-movie phantasmagoric glory.

With a few subtly uncompromising strokes, Kennelly’s work leaps from coherency to confusion, painful suppression to exultant relief.  The work is first and foremost about creating a viscerally emotional experience in the viewer.  Though imagined through great conceptual rigor, the final product ends up being frequently improvisatory, intuitive---even happenstance.  Though infused with a steady and diverse stream of influences, it inevitably dismisses its connections and comes straight from the gut.  Kennelly is particularly attuned to the nightmarish aspects of pop-culture laden everyday life.  He pulls his stories and ideas from personal feeling and experience that is mirrored through the clashing fictions and realities he encounters everyday in print (newspapers and and magazines) and on screen (television and film).  He often gravitates toward realizing bisected souls that are trapped within schemas far grander than their most garish fantasies and nightmares could ever realize.  These souls, trapped, often uncomfortably in the flesh, frequently grip the narcissistic tools of their own destruction.

June - August 2008 (Highways Gallery)

Patrick Kennelly LAOC

Patrick Kennelly
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