written and directed by Patrick Kennelly
produced by: Annette Stock
movement direction and choreography: Kate Fox

scenic design: Sarah Krainin
costume design: Hanalani Lee
lighting design: Matt Mellinger
composition and sound design: Aaron Drake
video design: Adam Flemming
stage manager: Leigh Avery
technical director: Lee Chuong
graphic designer: Julie Mattei

Ren Bell, Sean Edwards, Vince Edwards, Angela Frocillo, Wanda Gala, Michael Geniac, Mary Loveless, Nicole Marquis, Armando McClain, Niko Solorio

A sexually adventurous, emotionally violent expressionist drama that reframes the life and work of notorious Austrian painter Egon Schiele in a post-industrial prism of aggressive body art, punk rock fashion and trip hop sonic textures.

A fierce re-configuring of conventional notions of theatricalspectacle through movement-based installation and claustrophobic cinematic staging.

Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA) - January 2007

Patrick Kennelly

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