365 PLAYS / 365 DAYS - Week 48

(part of the largest theatre collaboration in U.S. History,
organized in Los Angeles by Center Theatre Group)

written by Suzan-Lori Parks
directed by Patrick Kennelly
curated by Kennelly + Leo Garcia

Kate Bergstrom, Nathalie Broizat, Mariel Carranza, Yvonne Caro Caro, DanceGood.Damnit!!!, Sandy Ding, Fungo Bat (Aaron Drake), Leo Garcia, David Kendall, Cynthia Lee, Pete Lee, Elke Luyten, Jacob "Kujo" Lyons, Ian MacKinnon, Shyamala Moorty, Mrs. Hobbs, Naked with Shoes, Eliezer Ortiz, Jonathan Osborn, Jose Reynoso, Jonathan Snipes, Lan Tran, Meg Wolfe

Part of a yearlong national festival simultaneously in major cities and communities around the country. Center Theater Group spearheaded the Los Angeles performances, and Patrick Kennelly and Highways presented Week 48. Parks’ original text was de-constructed and transformed into a visual and aural map – a continuous performance installation where the audience was free to journey at their own discretion through the work.  The result was a diverse, improvisatory laboratory experiment, constantly in flux.

Highways Performance Space (Santa Monica, CA) - October 2007


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