"Silence for Herbert"

part of "12 from Underground" video series
by Curt Lemieux + Kristina Faragher

A convicted murderer sentenced to death via the gallows is the focal point of "Silence for Herbert." Herman (Herbert) Youbng forfeited his life to the state of Arizona at 5:30am on the day of August 21, 1931 in payment for the murder of John Dye, a Tucson cab driver who Young had beaten to death with a wrench. Young was found to be in possession of Dye's purse containing $73.50. Although he talked with his wife while eating his last meal, the convicted man refused to comment on his crime. It was reported that Young went to the noose calmly and kissed a crucifix in preparation for death. He was the last person to be executed by hanging in the state of Arizona. The state switched from the gallows to lethal gas in 1934.

last showing:

Sophia Louisa Projects @ Phantom Galleries LA on Miracle Mile - January 2010

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